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Throwback Thursdays: Pathways into Darkness

The year was 1993. I was 14. I was sad, for my parents didn’t allow video game consoles in the house, and although I felt smugly superior for owning a Mac rather than a PC, I couldn’t really play any games on it. But then there was Bungie, and it was good.

Dev Diary: On Starting Small

Since the original conception of Strangeland Games, we have had the idea that for the company to succeed, we would need to remain independent. (Whether that makes us “indie” is a whole can of worms not worth opening). This desire for independence was in part inspired by those of us in the conversation being laid […]

XBone Thoughts

So Microsoft had its big Xbox One launch party this week. I, like many, tuned in. I, unlike many, was happy with what I saw. Home Entertainment Console Much of the twittersphere was up in arms moments in to the presentation and ongoing until Microsoft started talking about the games. The Xbox is supposed to […]

One Bite at a Time

So goes the old joke, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It’s a valuable reminder, which can be applied to lots of different things in life, but seems especially relevant for game development in general, and even the One Game a Month project. Early last week, I had a bit […]

Some Inspiration, Perhaps

I’m not really a programmer. I came into One Game a Month as primarily a game designer, with a little background in scripting and light programming. This is a large part of why I chose Love2D for my first game, since it uses Lua, one of the languages with which I have some facility. So […]