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Pull! by Chevee Dodd rates a Modelo Especial

Chevee Dodd has one of the most transparent design processes of any game designer we’ve come across. He discusses graphics, game design, and other related (and not so related) topics on his website. Roughly half of his games are available freely as print-and-play options and many are also on print-on-demand services like The Game Crafter. Earlier this year, […]

Pairs by Cheapass Games

If you have a Kickstarter account, and you are reading this blog, then it’s likely that you backed Pairs by Cheapass Games in February or March of 2014. It’s one of those projects that got ever so slightly overfunded to the tune of 2700% of its goal. It had some things going for it to […]

Starting Small on Kickstarter from Brian Henk

Over at Stonemaier Games, Brian Henk has a guest post describing his “start small” experience on Kickstarter. It is remarkably similar to our experience with Cursed!, complete with a mid-campaign art swap. Check it out: Good Creator Bad Creator: A Guest Post by Brian Henk

Cursed! Kickstarter Update Roundup

Here is the condensed version of all the Cursed! action that we’ve been reporting on over at the Kickstarter Campaign since our last Cursed! blog update. We have finalized the rules based on playtesting. We’ve changed the format of the rules document a bit, so once we finish the conversion process, we’ll be posting the rules […]

Gothic Doctor Game Review

We recently got a chance to play an advance copy of Gothic Doctor from Meltdown Games (we received a copy of the game, no other compensation). Their kickstarter will go live on July 1st. Follow this link to their Kickstarter preview page and you can get notified as soon as they launch. One Sentence Review […]

Cursed! Call for Playtesters

Our Cursed! Kickstarter Campaign has funded! Thanks to all of you for your support, we got 70 backers and just $3 shy of 170% of our goal. We’re very grateful to all of you and have already begun finalizing art and rules to send to The Game Crafter for production. We’re going to do one […]

Tabletop Game Preview: Yardmaster

We were recently given the opportunity to preview Yardmaster, a card-based strategy game by Steven Aramini and published by Crash Games. coming soon to a Kickstarter near you It’s currently live on Kickstarter, and here’s what we think.

Kickstart Like Ernest Hemingway

Well, not exactly. Although I do recommend a daiquiri or a mojito during the process. Whatever your tipple happens to be. What I mean is, keep it short. To the point. Direct. This applies to the whole thing.

Game Review: Doomworks!

This will be the first in what should be an ongoing series in which we review some of the stuff other folks out there are doing. Doomworks! is a card-based tabletop game that we obtained by backing it on Kickstarter. It’s also one of the model projects we’re basing our own upcoming Kickstarter project on, […]