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Kickstart Like Ernest Hemingway

Well, not exactly. Although I do recommend a daiquiri or a mojito during the process. Whatever your tipple happens to be. What I mean is, keep it short. To the point. Direct. This applies to the whole thing.

Dev Diary: From Senses to Fortunes

So, you’ve got a group of wizards sitting around the table, trying to show off their skills in a non-lethal manner. What do they do? They try to screw with each other, of course. This was the original premise that inspired Cursed! and it is still intact, but lots of the details have changed. We started […]

Game Development Theory

If I say (write, type, whatever) “game theory” and you leap to concepts like Nash Equilibria, zero-sum, minimax, or maximin, then you’re not quite in the right place, but I encourage you to stick around. You may learn something. For those of us more concerned with having an enjoyable game night than we are with Mutual […]

Curses! A New Cardgame from Strangeland Games

Curses! is a card game where fortune favors the cruel. Gather a few friends ’round the table and see how quickly all those years of bonding and camaraderie can be ripped to shreds with a well placed hex. Strategically protect your own good fortunes (Wealth, Health, Love, Fate, and Luck) while devastating the fortunes of […]

Game Development, First steps

The idea is that this will be a sort of a walkthrough for the independent game developer. So you’ve been playing lots of games, and you have decided that you might like to have a crack at making one on your own, or with some friends. Congratulations. This is not going to be easy. At […]

New Focus

So if you’ve been following this blog, which according to the stats you haven’t, you’ll have noticed I stopped posting a couple of months back. So here’s the deal. After the success of my first One Game a Month project, I was totally reinvigorated about game development and wanted to immediately move toward bigger projects. […]