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Print and Play for Treasure of Skeleton Island

I’ve put together the print and play files for our Treasure of Skeleton Island prototype using a handy Python script. It’s not super flexible yet, but it is solid enough that I’m ready to release it to the world, so go visit the bitbucket repository. For future projects, I’m hoping to take advantage of Squib for […]

Win a copy of The Treasure of Skeleton Island

Click here to enter to win a prototype of The Treasure of Skeleton Island We’re giving away a prototype of The Treasure of Skeleton Island! Click the link above to head on over to our rafflecopter. One winner will get a physical copy of the game mailed anywhere in North America. The rules and print […]

Starting Small on Kickstarter from Brian Henk

Over at Stonemaier Games, Brian Henk has a guest post describing his “start small” experience on Kickstarter. It is remarkably similar to our experience with Cursed!, complete with a mid-campaign art swap. Check it out: Good Creator Bad Creator: A Guest Post by Brian Henk

Introducing Treasure Island: The Microgame

In late July, Steve Cole of Escape Velocity Games announced a contest he was running for microgames based on classic novels. You can view lots of the entries in the corresponding BoardGameGeek thread. Strangeland Games threw our hat into the right with a set collection game based on Treasure Island. The rules didn’t require a new game […]

Cursed! Kickstarter Update Roundup

Here is the condensed version of all the Cursed! action that we’ve been reporting on over at the Kickstarter Campaign since our last Cursed! blog update. We have finalized the rules based on playtesting. We’ve changed the format of the rules document a bit, so once we finish the conversion process, we’ll be posting the rules […]

Dev Diary: Design Progression

Simultaneous with our Cursed! Kickstarter campaign, we are doing fairly extensive play testing and refining of the actual product. As we state on the project page, the game is in roughly a beta stage, and we’re really nailing down what it’s going to look like and play like in the final release.

Tabletop Day Feedback

We made the conscious decision to launch our Kickstarter campaign on International Tabletop Day, with people in the Tabletop frame of mind, knowing we’d also use that day to visit a few friendly local game shops and get some play testing of Cursed! from excited participants.

TableTopDay plus Cursed! Kickstarter Launch Equals Busy

Today is TableTopDay and the first day of the Kickstarter for Cursed! We clicked the green launch button at 0930 and headed out for a day of gaming and introducing Cursed! to the physical realm. First Coffee, then Fun Our first stop was Staples, where we printed some promotional literature and grabbed some Dunkies from […]