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Cursed! now at DriveThruCards.com

Cursed! is now available at DriveThruCards as both print-and-play or print-on-demand. I just got the proof copy today and it came out great! If you missed out on the Kickstarter or just want another copy, stop by and check it out.

Cursed! Kickstarter Update Roundup

Here is the condensed version of all the Cursed! action that we’ve been reporting on over at the Kickstarter Campaign since our last Cursed! blog update. We have finalized the rules based on playtesting. We’ve changed the format of the rules document a bit, so once we finish the conversion process, we’ll be posting the rules […]

Cursed! Call for Playtesters

Our Cursed! Kickstarter Campaign has funded! Thanks to all of you for your support, we got 70 backers and just $3 shy of 170% of our goal. We’re very grateful to all of you and have already begun finalizing art and rules to send to The Game Crafter for production. We’re going to do one […]

Dev Diary: Design Progression

Simultaneous with our Cursed! Kickstarter campaign, we are doing fairly extensive play testing and refining of the actual product. As we state on the project page, the game is in roughly a beta stage, and we’re really nailing down what it’s going to look like and play like in the final release.

Tabletop Day Feedback

We made the conscious decision to launch our Kickstarter campaign on International Tabletop Day, with people in the Tabletop frame of mind, knowing we’d also use that day to visit a few friendly local game shops and get some play testing of Cursed! from excited participants.

TableTopDay plus Cursed! Kickstarter Launch Equals Busy

Today is TableTopDay and the first day of the Kickstarter for Cursed! We clicked the green launch button at 0930 and headed out for a day of gaming and introducing Cursed! to the physical realm. First Coffee, then Fun Our first stop was Staples, where we printed some promotional literature and grabbed some Dunkies from […]

Kickstart Like Ernest Hemingway

Well, not exactly. Although I do recommend a daiquiri or a mojito during the process. Whatever your tipple happens to be. What I mean is, keep it short. To the point. Direct. This applies to the whole thing.

Dev Diary: From Senses to Fortunes

So, you’ve got a group of wizards sitting around the table, trying to show off their skills in a non-lethal manner. What do they do? They try to screw with each other, of course. This was the original premise that inspired Cursed! and it is still intact, but lots of the details have changed. We started […]

Dev Diary: Creating Game Mechanics

One of the primary goals we have as developers is to bring something unique to each game we develop. While Cursed! is certainly influenced by previous games in the tabletop card game space, it was important to us to create something different.