Cursed! Kickstarter Update Roundup

Here is the condensed version of all the Cursed! action that we’ve been reporting on over at the Kickstarter Campaign since our last Cursed! blog update.

  • We have finalized the rules based on playtesting. We’ve changed the format of the rules document a bit, so once we finish the conversion process, we’ll be posting the rules on our website for all to see.
  • Surveys went out and have all been returned. We decided to go with just the stock Kickstarter survey process, since our fulfillment process is all getting handled by The Game Crafter. While that process did go smoothly, the appeal of a third-party survey provider was obvious. For one thing, you cannot send the same survey out to multiple reward tiers. You need to recreate it by hand each time. I was very glad we’d went with simplicity when designing our reward structure.
  • Our box design is mostly complete. While we did have a box for our prototypes, it wasn’t designed so much as slapped together out of existing pieces of art, so we aren’t even going to call this a redesign.
  • The card redesign is complete! Every single card in the deck got an updated layout and many had the text (both flavor text and sacrifice effect) modified after playtesting. The new design is the featured image for this post. Enjoy!
  • We’ll be ordering a proof copy soon to make sure that everything is to our liking before we place the bulk order.

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