Short All-Purpose Update

Well, it’s been far too long since we updated this space. If you are a regular reader, I apologize for the lapse. But, strength! The lapse has not extended as far as our development tasks.

Firstly, the Cursed! Kickstarter succeeded and we got couldn’t be more thrilled about that. If you’re one of the backers, you’ll have had updates past our last blog post. Production on Cursed! is in swing, with the cards now nearly finalized and the box art still awaiting my loving brush strokes. Surveys for the Kickstarter should go out before July 1, and the game will hopefully ship by the end of August (although we’re not officially moving up the estimated delivery date. Yet.)

We’ve also moved up work on the follow-up product to Cursed! in order to submit it to BostonFIG so we can be a part of the showcase this year. BostonFIG is, as the title implies, the Boston Festival of Independent Games, a rapidly-growing annual showcase of the indie game scene in the greater New England area. It’s held in September and we’ll hopefully be showcasing our next game there this year. The prototype is being shipped off tomorrow for playtest vetting.

We’ve also collected some prototypes from other designers via Twitter and BGG in order to step up our review game, and will be getting some reviews out soon. Soon.

In the next days, more. Hopefully.

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