Curses! A New Cardgame from Strangeland Games

Curses! is a card game where fortune favors the cruel. Gather a few friends ’round the table and see how quickly all those years of bonding and camaraderie can be ripped to shreds with a well placed hex. Strategically protect your own good fortunes (Wealth, Health, Love, Fate, and Luck) while devastating the fortunes of those around you.

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Each player in Curses! starts off the game on a level playing field. Your fortunes don’t look particularly bright (no $1M lotto tickets for you!), but there aren’t any falling pianos in your near future, either. Every card in the game has the potential to drastically alter those fortunes for good or ill. On each turn, three plays must be made, but you choose the order to maximize the effect:

  • Play a card on one of your opponents (preferably a Curse!)
  • Play a card on yourself (there are blessings in the deck, but they are rare, so hoard them)
  • Sacrifice a card on the altar of Tyche to change the rules of the game

When all your fortunes are Cursed!, you must cede the field and allow the others to continue fighting it out. The last player standing whose fortunes are not all dashed may yet have a chance at a decent future. Then, shuffle the deck and play again!

Curses! is currently in alpha-testing and will be launched on Kickstarter in early April. If you want to get email announcements about Curses!, please sign up for our Curses! email list.


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    This looks exceptionally cool!

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