Choices with consequences

Read this article from Tim over at CAD Comic, then come back: News: A matter of choice

I’ve had the feeling that Tim describes in the Banner Saga with only a few games. The most memorable was actually in a book, when I read about the Red Wedding (youtube that if you want to see how most people react, but it is a huge Song of Ice and Fire spoiler). It is really tough to recreate that feeling that your choices really matter. It is one of the reasons I enjoy roguelike games so much. They sometimes feel a bit arbitrary, but the lack of save/restore makes you really consider your actions if you want to progress. It puts that element of fear into the game that is so lacking in most FPS and MMORPG games.

We should be doing a review of Don’t Starve soon, which does a great job with the important, but not black-and-white choices.

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