New Focus

So if you’ve been following this blog, which according to the stats you haven’t, you’ll have noticed I stopped posting a couple of months back. So here’s the deal.

After the success of my first One Game a Month project, I was totally reinvigorated about game development and wanted to immediately move toward bigger projects. So the once-a-month idea went out the window, and I’ve started in on something much larger that will require me to include other people and will take probably a year or so minimum, depending on what else happens in that time. But as a lone developer, I’ve often had a hard time finding real guides to the whole process of game development. Finding individual ideas on some steps is easy but overall guidance is hard.

“But haven’t you been a professional game developer before?” you ask. Yes, I have. And that’s why I’ve decided to re-focus this blog on going through the process as I do it. My intention is to keep it more up-to-date but I think everyone’s always is.

I’ll start soon with the very first steps, stuff I’ve already done for this project, and go from there.

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