Progress Report

So, the month is not-quite half over. Which is heartening, to me at last, although the twitter-verse seems to be slightly ambivalent about the rapid pace of this month. And, you ask, where are all these blog posts you’ve promised?

Well, I’ve been using what time I have to actually work on the project. See, there’s a screenshot!

screenshot from a silly little game.

First Screenshot from our first One Game a Month Project


I spent a day or three outlining what the game was going to be, then a few more days dithering over what 2d framework to use (before settling on Love 2D which has the advantages of being free, being easy to use, and being based on using Lua, which is the programming language in which I have the most facility.) So, that said, I’ve only actually been working on the game for like a week, and I have 2 weeks and a few days left, and I think I’m in decent shape.

As you might guess from the screenshot, and its far-too-revealing title bar, the game is tentatively called “F.O.X. — Federal Organization on Extraterrestrials” Those federal organizations aren’t fantastic at spelling their acronyms, you see.

What I have so far in my very limited time is some incredibly attractive artwork (as you’ve noted) and the ability to fly your flying saucer around this rural scene, plus the ability for me to pretty quickly whip up additional levels when progress warrants. Still to come is the ability to use your flying saucer to abduct people, menus, sound, the story behind why you’re going around abducting people, and of course, the ability to draw crop circles.

So I should get to work.

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