Welcome, Stranger

This is a relatively boring introductory post.

Strangeland Games, as the name implies, is a group of people who make games. At present, that group consists of about 2.5 people. (Half-person, you know who you are.) We’ve been kicking around talking about making games for a number of years, but our company meetings consist mostly of getting beer and complaining about the things that went wrong at the game development studio we all used to work at.

Now that will change. We’re joining with thousands of other developers (2,130 of them at the moment) in this mad project called One Game a Month. If we live up to our plans, we’ll have produced 12 games by this time next year. Or at least, by 37 hours from this time next year. We won’t short ourselves the time.

In addition, our plan is to update this blog the whole time, describe our experiences and link to the games we make. We’ll be using a variety of SDKs and other tools that are out there, and considering our budget, we will mostly be using free tools. These tools will also be avidly described and discussed here, along with our process, so hopefully to benefit someone else in our position.

As the primary driving force behind Strangeland Games, I am a person who works well on deadlines and with social pressure, so  the One Game a Month project will hopefully work well for us. Our ideas doc already has 20 projects in it, and will probably be over 100 before year’s end, so, huzzah.


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