About Strangeland Games

Strangeland Games is a small, nay, minuscule game development company. We make games we’d like to play. Our most recent game, The Treasure of Skeleton Island, is making its debut at the Boston Festival of Indie Games on September 12, 2015 as part of the curated Tabletop Showcase.

Game Development

We successfully Kickstarted Cursed!, our first card game, in 2014 and it is now available for print on demand from The Game Crafter or from Drive Thru Cards.

Strangeland focuses on developing games to the point where they are ready for a publisher to pick up. Our development capabilities run the gamut from brainstorming, rapid prototyping, and play testing through graphic design and gameplay balance.

Works in Progress

Currently, we’ve got the following games in development. If any of them strike your fancy, please email us to discuss.

  • Battersea – A steam punk themed tile laying game
  • Abominations – A fast-paced tabletop-free game of PvP combat
  • Gibson – Inspired by the writings of William Gibson and the latest generation of deck builders
  • Grand Vizier – Use your political influence to bring your favored claimant to the throne.
  • Roanoke in Space – Your team arrives at an empty space station. Can you solve the mystery before the station can claim more victims?

Partner Profiles

Andrew is the darker half of Strangeland Games. He is a teacher and author who does most of our artwork and graphic design.

Jeff is the number crunching 50.0% of Strangeland Games. Cranking out prototypes is a far cry from building robots and running predictive analytics, but he’s surprised at how many of his skills have transferred to game design.

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